A brief rant on pressing back on inadequate policy

People rally in support of Alabama Amazon workers in New York on 20 February. Photograph: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Rex/Shutterstock

Hi. This is your friendly neighborhood leftist. Contrary to popular opinion, most of us will compromise. Many of us are pragmatic. You tell us we don’t know how policy is made or are too rigid, are idealistic. That last one is quite funny. I think many of you just don’t know to what extent leftists and many independents are already compromising and how it is basically non-stop.

Far too many of those that view themselves as liberal or progressive are quick to speak about prog-leftists and leftists as if we are children that “didn’t get our way whaa” and yet…

This is Not An Accident

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What do you suppose is at play consciously and unconsciously that would cause someone to “accidentally” kill a young black man, accidentally use their gun instead of taser? What was their body and brain telling them? And given the habits and beliefs and system at play here, how can we justify these murderers carrying guns, carrying around instruments of death and oppression?

I say young black man, but have you seen pictures of Daunte Wright? I can still see the little bit of child in the face, just like with my own 20 year old…

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I think maybe one of the primary ways in which I determine the value of someone's ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and so on is their level of curiosity.

It isn't about agreement - though I value and practice bridge creation. I can have a fairly different set of ideological positions, or political opinions, with someone and if they show up with some curiosity in their approach, then I will be interested and feel welcoming. I will see it as an opportunity to lay roads to improve my corner of society that all parties might get something out of it.

Maybe I…

Thanks for coming to my Friday Rant.

Many liberals and some progressives seem to believe that other progressives and leftists "don't understand how government / policy works"

And in some cases this is correct. And in the case of desperate people, especially so. Why would they be bothered with the intricate details of how "government works" when they are wondering how to keep their home or feed themselves and put gas in the car / get to work, pay their absurd copay, etc?

On the other hand liberals and some progressives that say this don't seem to understand how politics…

Can we stop referencing the "framers/founders" as if they are eternal gods to be worshipped? (US centric post)


Ok cool. They made some advancements in political technology.

But I find it wears to constantly hear about what the "founders" would think or want. Slavery alone is a monstrosity. And they had the moral reasoning to know it. If that weren't so there wouldn't have been such disquiet and pushback and justifications.

Take the good ideas and toss the rest. Pull from various ideas. Realise that your mind is fully capable of asking what we should want or what is…

‘’Size of protest — it’s like deciding, well, I’m going to decide policy based upon a focus group,’’ Mr. Bush said.

February 15, 2003 Anti-War Protests

This may be one of the most infuriating things Bush (Dubya) ever said, and that guy said a lot of stupid shit.

When I was still fairly fresh-faced and believed that protests mattered, circa 2002/2003, I attended several protests against the invasion of Iraq. One of these was the one referred to here in this article, on Feb. 15, 2003. You know the one. The massive worldwide protest, wherein an estimated ten to fifteen million people showed up to…

It is my thought that change starts with each of us as individuals and works outward. I want to see change on a big scale, globally. And I am boiling over with ideas for that, but it seems like that happens by connecting with people in multiple ways, by raking through the garden of our "souls" together and individually.

I see this subject of forgiveness and resentment as one of many nodes in a system of course correction and change, of being relevant to discussion designed to ultimately enable and empower, individually and collectively so that we can "be the…

Thorns and Beliefs

I would like to share a limiting belief of mine. Hopefully the act of doing so will help lessen it's grip on me.

It is a tick in my flesh, itching my senses, but not on the surface. Only recently did I become fully aware of it. I don't think to myself, "gee you suck Rebecca. …

-Principles of the Dead-

You want to know what's wrong with us kids today?

Well you are asking the wrong question.

What's wrong with you today?

I went to sleep with you the moral arbiter and I woke up with the building burning.

I went to sleep bundled up by the lie of your love and woke up with the truth of your death.

The fire won't touch us. The fire won't touch us. And that's okay. Okay?

Mother, what is that smell?
Oh baby it's just some deadwood, we're cold.

Father, are we in hell?
Oh darlin' we just need room to breathe.

Should I stop the cradle burning?
It's too late for that, she says.

Just look ahead, she says.

The fire won't touch us. The fire won't touch us.
And that's okay, okay..

Says her corpse, okay, okay.

-Rebecca M. Forté

Ancient Betrayal

I've got something to talk about, but I am just a little afraid. An itch where I cannot reach is bothering me. When I try to gently rub it, it leaves me unsatisfied and a little bitter. It dispels the worst for a minute or two, then flares brighter, hotter.

I can feel it spreading, and I can feel it sinking in. It is a hundred cuts in my gut. It's a sacrifice I am supposed to make, though I can't clearly see who benefits. Does anyone benefit from pointless martyrdom?

You see, it is such a tiny thing. Don't want to complain because it's a tiny thing; not fit for words, not gonna explain.

Somebody must benefit, or why would I creep? Or is it the confusion of the ancient betrayal forged on new contracts?

— Rebecca M. Forté

Rebecca Rowan Forté

Intellectual hummingbird tornado, anarchistic, obsessed with black holes, politics, all -ologies, myth, and a jack of all adjectives.

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