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  • Edina Abena Jackson

    Edina Abena Jackson

    I write about Health, Wealth, Race and other things. Founder Pink Intrigue + Freshlight Media. I give away my earnings to change lives in Ghana

  • The Wordsmith™🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

    The Wordsmith™🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

    Existentialist Extraordinaire. Spiritual Atheist. Voracious Reader. Liberal Democrat. Retired Litigator. 🌈Top Writer in LGBT+ alxfyv.Medium@gmail.com

  • Ajah Hales

    Ajah Hales

    World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC

  • Mandy McElroy

    Mandy McElroy

    I write about leaving a 38-year marriage only to have my older daughter and her husband tell me I could never see my granddaughters again. A few other topics.

  • Adeline Dimond

    Adeline Dimond

    Federal attorney, writing thought crimes on Medium. To connect: Adeline.Dimond@gmail.com

  • Nina Renata Aron

    Nina Renata Aron

    Author of Good Morning, Destroyer of Men’s Souls: A Memoir of Women, Addiction, and Love. Work in NYT, New Republic, the Guardian, Jezebel, and more.

  • Frances Taylor

    Frances Taylor

    former journalist, writer, observer activist

  • Ashia Monet

    Ashia Monet

    Ashia Monet is a speculative fiction novelist. Her debut novel THE BLACK VEINS is available now. Follow her on Twitter @ashiamonet + Instagram @ashiawrites

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