The Mysterious Art of Balance

It is my thought that change starts with each of us as individuals and works outward. I want to see change on a big scale, globally. And I am boiling over with ideas for that, but it seems like that happens by connecting with people in multiple ways, by raking through the garden of our "souls" together and individually.

I see this subject of forgiveness and resentment as one of many nodes in a system of course correction and change, of being relevant to discussion designed to ultimately enable and empower, individually and collectively so that we can "be the change we want to see."

Does that make sense? Does that fit?

I see quite a few posts about political goings-on. And oh boy is that where my head tends to go. Global first, right? So for the sake of truly keeping a big picture and bringing balance to the force or something, I would like to write here and there aboit the individual and psychological/sociological issues.


When we talk about "gun rights" or "restrictions/control" right after these mass shootings -- and I am guilty of going straight there too! -- it seems, upon reflection, a wee bit asinine. I mean really is this actually a legalistic problem? Or is it a culture problem? Would we not do better to see where we are going so wrong in our culture that we regularly turn out people so broken and hopeless that this is the result.

Even if we fixed it legally, we would only have obscured and buried the lead.

What is the lead? It is lousy and outdated education. It is poor healthcare. It is outdated scarcity mindsets. It is lack of access. It is too many people languishing in poverty and pain -- not just economic, but of mind, of spirit (I do not mean that in the religious sense unless that is what floats your boat.) We ignore pain and suffering at our collective peril. All of this whilst a very few have obscene wealth.

So, how do we address the lead? And this is where it would be super-cool to get our heads together and discuss some ideas. Maybe enough people can form a few ideas that work for everyone and we find out how to change things in our personal sandboxes and maybe how to gain influence to affect the bigger sandbox we share.

PS: I do think looking at the gun discussion is fine, but I think it is an emergent property, not the causative property. As such I think it should be discussed well away from these incidents, on it’s own terms, rather than relatively. And I think we would be better able to find a thing we can mostly agree on if we started correcting the cultural issues.

Intellectual hummingbird tornado, anarchistic, obsessed with black holes, politics, all -ologies, myth, and a jack of all adjectives.

Intellectual hummingbird tornado, anarchistic, obsessed with black holes, politics, all -ologies, myth, and a jack of all adjectives.