This is Not An Accident

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

What do you suppose is at play consciously and unconsciously that would cause someone to “accidentally” kill a young black man, accidentally use their gun instead of taser? What was their body and brain telling them? And given the habits and beliefs and system at play here, how can we justify these murderers carrying guns, carrying around instruments of death and oppression?

I say young black man, but have you seen pictures of Daunte Wright? I can still see the little bit of child in the face, just like with my own 20 year old. Who looks at such a young person and sees someone threatening enough to justify a taser, let alone a gun? He was scared (clearly with good reason) and the natural response was violence?

Who thinks it makes sense to have such legalized violence in the hands of people that went out of their way to be in authoritarian positions? People that consistently respond with violence.

Idk, I feel all scrambled up and my words can’t rise to meet the horror, the gut-wrenching pain of watching yet another cop snuff out yet another young life.

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